WBF Coating

DataLase WBF Coating

DataLase WBF Coating is designed for use in the paper and corrugated printing industries in either flexographic pre-print or post-print processes, or lithographic presses equipped with water based coating units.

Developed as an alternative to print & apply labelling and high resolution inkjet printing of shipping data onto corrugated boxes (e.g. GS1 compliant barcodes, variable price/weight information, variable contents/ingredients data), DataLase WBF Coating addresses the challenges faced by brand owners and retailers seeking novel solutions to their mandatory shipping data needs.

DataLase WBF Coating formulations have been optimised to provide unsurpassed product stability and excellent flow properties. When used in combination with an appropriate CO2 laser marking system, DataLase WBF Coating helps eliminate label backing waste and/or hazardous ink disposal from supply chains by removing the need for consumables in production/manufacturing environments.

DataLase WBF Coatings can be used for Case Coding in a variety of box labelling applications including Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) and e-commerce, on either brown or white paper and board substrates.