Do you want to increase the duration, relevance and impact your marketing campaign has with individual consumers?

Are you looking to increase customer loyalty by providing personalised messages through products and packaging?

Need to find new ways to positively influence consumer behaviors towards sustainability?

DataLase has the answer…introducing VAReLase Cup Solutions

Using our history of innovation in unique Photonic Printing technologies to deliver late stage customisation of products and packaging, we have developed VAReLase Cup Solutions. This technology allows brands to personalise their packaging at the point of sale, enabling new and engaging marketing campaigns to connect brands with consumers.

Download VAReLase Cup Solutions Brochure

Using personalised packaging drives value from your marketing campaigns allowing you longer brand engagement over and above other channels:

VAReLase Cup Solutions can:

  • Build brand loyalty
  • Influence impulse buying behaviour or ‘next size up’ product purchase
  • Offer a unique in-store digital experience
  • Drive consumer behaviour towards sustainability
  • Communicate important product information such as allergen advice

DataLase has partnered with a leading global supply chain data analytic company, to bring to market a new platform for digital communication. This combines the uniqueness of VAReLase Cup Solutions with advanced analytics to create personalised packaging in the retail environment.

We are seeking to work with interested parties on VAReLase Cup Solutions, so please send us an enquiry if you think there may be an opportunity for us to work together.

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