Looking for new ways to engage with your consumer to drive higher brand value?

Want to provide unique marketing campaigns based on time-specific entertainment events that provide the greatest relevance to your consumer?

Introducing VAReLase Label Solutions

DataLase understands the consumer engagement challenge. As a pioneer in unique laser printing technologies that deliver late stage customisation of products and packaging, we have developed VAReLase Label Solutions. These solutions dramatically increase the speed of digitally printing variable data, enabling brands to instantly print large quantities of information and graphics.

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VAReLase Label Solutions combines DataLase laser-reactive coatings with a unique new laser system designed to deliver unrivalled print speeds and quality. Hundreds of individually addressable laser beams are set in a linear array, each producing a single pixel that can be controlled to print virtually any graphic, text, or unique identifier.

Moving the printing of variable data to the latest position in the supply chain (the point of pack or fill) enables a broad range of marketing and other consumer-oriented messages to be applied to a product or pack; gaining advantages in real-time engagement. In addition, it also offers SKU rationalisation to remove complexity and increase operational efficiency to supply chain management.

VAReLase Label Solutions can print at speeds of up to 2m/s with a print height of 50mm in single colour, with gradient capability. This unique solution will revolutionise the way that brand owners connect with consumers through products and packaging.

DataLase has partnered with a leading global supplier of bottling lines and labelling solutions, to bring to market a new print on demand labelling solution based on VARePRINT for rollfed and pressure sensitive labels.

Contact us to learn more about how this novel Photonic Printing solution can help drive consumer engagement.

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