20th May. Posted in Insights.

An important milestone

We are delighted to report that after several years of intensive and detailed work, our range of diversity water-based coating solutions has been acknowledged as meeting Europe’s most stringent packaging regulations.

Components of our coatings have been formally recognised by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), for inclusion on the positive list of German Ordinance printing inks and endorsed by the SWISS Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO), or better known as ‘Swiss Ordinance Listing’.

In providing a laser-active alternative to traditional inks and printing methods, our diversity water-based flexo coatings target packaging applications – such as on the outside of folded boxes, for food products, pharmaceuticals and beverages. As the coatings are used on food packaging and therefore related to indirect food contact, they are subject to stringent ink-related packaging regulations. In Europe, chemicals that are recognised as appropriate for such purposes are thoroughly tested and analysed to gain accreditation by the globally recognised FSVO.


So why is Switzerland playing such a key role here?

Although not an EU Member State, Switzerland is the only country in Europe that currently has legislation in place specifically regulating food packaging printing inks. The Swiss Ordinance has become an important standard by which many companies evaluate printing inks in the EU, in the absence of any co-ordinated EU law.


And most importantly, what does this mean for DataLase and our customers?

The achievement further exemplifies our continued abilities to provide solutions that satisfy our customers’  demands for the very highest quality, while meeting the challenges of European regulations and guidelines associated with printed packaging.