18th May. Posted in News.

DataLase, the global leader in photonic printing solutions for products and packaging, is launching a consultancy and support service for brand owners and converters in the US seeking to integrate DataLase laser-printing solutions into their operations.

The consultancy service package will provide practical solutions to help modernise the coding & marking and/or digital printing of packaging for brand owners. It is primarily aimed at those looking to implement third party equipment for use with DataLase based solutions, ensuring the supply chain is optimized to successfully deliver the solution.

The consultancy service will be led by Eric Ferguson who has the new role of Senior Consultant – Brand Strategy & Innovation at DataLase.

Mr Ferguson said: “I am delighted to launch this pioneering initiative which will help end users avoid any complexities when integrating our technology. Through our knowledge and expertise, the consultancy service will ensure optimal performance and consistent quality is achieved.

“The DataLase team has a full understanding of the challenges end users can face when integrating laser printing into their operations, and my role is to advise and support the supply chain to instil best practice from day one. Our new approach ensures clear advice and guidance is provided to support their requirements to drive operational efficiency and productivity improvements, as well as the positive environmental impact our solutions can bring to packaging applications. The service will position DataLase as the single point of contact in the supply chain to ensure DataLase technology is successfully integrated and optimized for use.”

The consultancy service will be delivered through a three-step process of Assessment, Project Management and Deployment. End users will be supported by DataLase from beginning to end, from technical and commercial feasibility studies to press and line trials through to optimisation recommendations and line commissioning.

Ferguson continued: “DataLase has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of digital printing of products and packaging, as well as a skilled technical team of people to help deliver successful, cost-effective projects. We want to be recognised for providing honest and dependable advice that truly supports the entire supply chain, bringing clarity and cooperation into a process that can involve many stakeholders having to work together.”

For more information, please visit Datalase.com.