10th September. Posted in News.

Personalised messages to encourage consumer behaviour towards recycling

Leading Photonic Printing solutions provider DataLase is planning to use its pioneering personalisation technology to drive change in consumer habits and promote sustainable behaviour towards recycling of disposable hot drinks cups.


With its innovative VAReLaseTM Cup Solutions system that began pilot trials in June 2019, DataLase has identified sustainability and recycling as one of the key benefits of the world-first technology.


“As a member of the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG) we are keen to use our VAReLase Cup Solutions technology to raise awareness and push an agenda of behavioural change with regards to disposable cup recycling,” said Laura Rickards, Marketing Manager at DataLase. “We see this as a hugely effective way to help tackle the problem of recyclability through encouraging positive consumer behaviour, helping to close the recycling loop and create a circular economy for disposable hot drink cups.”


The incredible VAReLase technology allows hot drink cups to be individually personalised in real-time at the point of sale. The system uses DataLase’s patented laser reactive colour-change pigment technology, whereby the cup appears blank until exposed to a laser which activates a pigment on the cup material and prints the bespoke design straight onto the surface.


“We began trialling the system in June this year – initial results have been extremely positive and we anticipate commercial roll-out during 2020,” said Laura. “While the technology behind the process is incredibly complex, the delivery is actually remarkably simple – the barista places the cup in the VAReLase system and personalised messages and graphics are inklessly printed directly onto the cup utilising the DataLase laser-reactive colour-change pigment technology. This new in-store digital experience will delight consumers and offers a new opportunity to communicate and grow brand loyalty.


“We see huge potential for promoting and incentivising recycling and sustainability through our VAReLase Cup Solutions – either through specific, campaign-led calls to action or bespoke loyalty and reward schemes,” said Laura. “Pre-trial testing has shown that the DataLase ‘patch’ has absolutely no impact on the recyclability of cups, which along with our PCRRG membership helps demonstrate that we are totally committed to promoting and supporting sustainability.


“We further anticipate that data from the pilot will illustrate the positive effect VAReLase has on consumer attitudes and their ultimate actions, and are hopeful that we can be a part of driving change in consumer habits and promoting sustainability worldwide,” she said.


Made up of pioneering organisations from across the paper cup supply chain, the PCRRG looks to develop collection and recycling opportunities for paper cups and identify and support solutions that sustainably transform used paper cups into a valuable resource.


“Through our PCRRG membership we are keen to contribute to this effort as much as possible,” said Laura. “With our first pilot underway, we are now actively seeking new companies we can work with to progress this solution to test market.”


For more about VAReLase Cup Solutions, visit www.DataLase.com.