19th March. Posted in News.

DataLase, the global leader in unique photonic printing solutions for products and packaging, will be offering enhanced technical support services to print partners across its wider European network.

In a newly created role as European Print Manager, Michael Toner will work with new and existing printers to share best-practice for successfully printing DataLase based coatings. This will ensure optimal performance and consistent quality is delivered to brand owners that have adopted the unique DataLase laser-reactive colour change solution in their production operations.

Mark Naples, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at DataLase, said: “Successfully printing DataLase based inks/coatings requires a good understanding of the press variables that have a direct impact on the quality that can be achieved by the CO2 laser system. Delivering consistently high quality for brand owners starts at the printing of the boxes and labels, and this is where DataLase can provide support.

“With Michael’s wealth of experience, DataLase will be able to assist printers and converters alike when using our revolutionary technology. He will be on hand, from press trials through to commercial printing, to ensure the solution is successfully integrated along the supply chain, limiting the risk of recall and rework.”

Having first joined DataLase in 2016 as New Business Development Manager for Europe, Michael has 40 years’ experience in the ink industry with over 20 years at global ink manufacturer SICPA. He is a former printer and has extensive knowledge of the packaging industry having previously worked in a range of sectors including food and drink and pharmaceuticals.

Michael said: “The supply chain for DataLase based solutions can seem complex, but this really isn’t the case. My role is to work with printers who are in the middle of that process to guarantee they fully understand how to use our coatings and explain why end users are adopting this solution over alternative technologies. I will be responsible for working with printers/converters so they are armed with the correct knowledge and appropriate equipment, ensuring it’s a smooth process from beginning to end.”

With the support of its parent company SATO, a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that connect people, goods and information, the new role held by Michael is part of the evolution of DataLase as it positions itself as a leader in the world of late-stage differentiation and the personalisation of products and packaging.

For more information on DataLase, please visit datalase.com.